Michal NovakMichal Novak

He addicts himself to pipe making more than three years. His original career (journalist and photograph) brought him round the subject of „smoking“. His journalistic job has gradually targeted exclusively the loading-up data about pipes and tobaccos.

He was some time editor in chief of magazine „Cigar and Pipe Cocktail“ and since 1999 is member of Académie Internationale de la Pipe.

He visited all the European companies producing pipes and number of studios in Gemany, Italy and Danmark. With each visit festered inside him an idea „to try it once“. He made therefore the account of invitation to the Jan Kloucek worksop and started making pipes. Later on created a few pipes for himself and some friends. Because he finished active job of journalist and declaredrent  for himself, he has time to make pipes for full time. He closely cooperated with Jan Kloucek and is proud to be one protégé of his pipe-school.