Martin PaljesekMartin Paljesek

For Martin Paljesek, pipe crafting has become not only a chance to improve his craftsmanship, but also an opportunity to exert his own creativeness and creative ambitions, developed during his studies at School of utilitarian design in Lednické Rovne (subject area – metallurgical shaped glass). In 2011, Martin started to make his pipes under a brand „Jesek Pipes“ and since that time, more than 90 pipes has left his hands and found their new owners not only in Slovakia, but also in Czech, Germany, Finland and Serbia. Concerning morphology, majority of his pipes are inspired by pure nature, although moderate modifications of classical shapes has also its own place in his portfolio. Apart from briar wood, he makes his pipes also using wood of palisander and buxus - mostly for decorating the mouthpieces. His workshop is situated in Nová Dubnica. Apart from pipe crafting he is currently making his post gradual studies of Aesthetics.