Jan KloučekJan Kloucek

He produces his pipes professionally from 1999 and served out the craf in French city Saint-Claude. He started off his own workshop after collaboration with French company Chacom whose owner Yves Grenard was his principal skilful mentor. His perfect craft mastery is  the priority for him. He produces not only classical pipe shapes but makes his own pipe collections inspired e.g. by architecture as well. His well-known collection is „Gaudí Dreams“. He made series of pipes for the pipe-clubs across the world e. g. Barcelona Pipe Club or two series for his home club Dýmka.net or competition pripes for the world championship at Mariánské Lázně in 2006.

He organizes amateur workshops in his work-room at Kostelec nad Černými lesy (close to Prague) originally for Czech pipe club Dymka.net but by and by they became international. The workshops are worth for the pipe smokers to see the whole manufactural operations and give opportunity to make own pipe according to own design.