Martin PeleskaMartin Peleska

More than 15 years ago I have met my friend smoking pipe. The initial curiosity has changed in passion quite fast. The pipe fascination has stayed him till today. In the course og time he came to painfull cognition that he cannot include to his collection not half of the beautiful pipes which he likes. It brings Martin to his first hobby block and finaly to the workshops arranged in Kostelec nad Cernymi lesy. About two years he addressed Jan Kloucek if he should unclock him art of pipe making. He did not refuse so he had chance both to meet interesting people and absorbing handicraft.

Till this time he made pipes more likely for clouse circle of his friends. His primary motivation is aspiration to make fine and good pipe. He shapes the mouthpieces from bars ebonite or cumberland.

He considers the pipe as a ritual object, alchemical isntrument, mesmerizing reifircation of woman´s principle in silent form which makes men to be better and superior.